In 2004, Holley Technology Ltd. invested and built the first smart meter company in Uzbekistan. After more than 10 years running, our subsidiary company has establishing a good cooperation relationship with variety relative company of Uzbekistan electrical energy, and gains rich experience in company investment and operation. With high quality and good service, we obtained a good reputation and the largest share of the electricity meter market in Uzbekistan.

In October, 2018, Uzbekistan electrical energy industry starts the largest smart electric network transformation in the history. With several years of experience, our subsidiary company finally meets the various requirements like production quality, functions, delivery ability, after-sales service, system connection, etc. We got all recommendation from electricity bureaus and Grid Company. So we won the bidding of single phase smart meter, three phase smart meter, concentrator, meter box, etc. The cumulative number is more than three million and total amount is more than one hundred and fifty million dollars.

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