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Holley Technology Ltd. was established in 1970. It is a core business company under Holley Group dedicated to the energy Internet of Things Industry. It is globalization enterprise integration with sales, research and development, intelligent manufacturing for electricity meter, smart meter and smart energy management.
Holley is one of the largest electricity meter manufactures in China with high international competitiveness that exporting to more than 60 countries in the world.

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We are a professional electricity meter manufacturer and supplier.

Global Factory

  • Main Manufacturing Base
  • Subsidiary Factory
  • Overseas Factory
A new intelligent, automated and eco-friendly manufacturing base which meet Industry 4.0 standard.
It can increase efficiency, improve safety, reduce production time and facilitate faster product innovation.
These factories adopt advanced manufacturing equipment to meet different production requirement. We can not only produce energy meter, but also gas meter, transformer and meter box, etc.
With the benefits brought from localized manufacturing, our overseas factories can provide better products and service to our cooperation partner.

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  • 50+

    Years of Experience

    Holley was established in 1970 and always keeps its position as one of the largest meter suppliers in China.
  • 60+

    Export Countries

    Holley has exporting to more than 60 countries with its high international competitiveness.
  • 728+

    Intellectual Properties

    Holley is a high and new technology enterprise with more than 728 intellectual properties.
  • 13,400,000


    Holley had sold more than 13.4 million electricity meters in 2020.

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Since Holley establishment, our company has been developing our metering products with the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and good trusty among new and old customers.

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  • Agent representatives from Yemen visit Holley

    Agent representatives from Yemen visit Holley

    In Jun 2023, Agent representatives Mr. Alwali and Mr. Hussain visited Holley Smart Manufacturing Factory and Holley Headquarter, Holley agent signed the contract for purchasing Prepayment Type Smart Meters for PEC Yemen Market. This is a meaningful meeting, Holley agent will representative Holley as exclusive agent for Yemen metering business. Holley will provide high quality and good service for PEC through the agent. The Prepayment Type Smart Meters are capable of remote communication via RF, Cellular, PLC or other communication methods, which will support PEC to build the smart grid in future.
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  • Holley Won the SGCC Electricity Meter Purchase Project as the 3rd Prize

    Holley Won the SGCC Electricity Meter Purchase Project as the 3rd Prize

    Recently we got the good news that Holley won the SGCC project “The First Electricity Meter Bidding of State Grid Corporation of China in 2021”
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  • Holley Technology Ltd. Attended to the Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris

    Holley Technology Ltd. Attended to the Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris

    The 24th European Power and Energy Exhibition in 2023 was successfully held in Paris, France, from November 28 to November 30.
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